In 2013 Fifty150 Brand expanded into its own Unique Apparel Line. Fifty150 Wear is an Apparel Line that personalizes and caters to all Ethnicities, while providing a Unique Original Design with an Urban Twist. Our main goal is to make our clothing accessible and suitable to all People regardless of age.

Our Fifty150 Vision, we offer high quality styles at affordable prices for those Fifty150 individuals who dare to turn their dreams into realities. We encourage YOU to Be Fifty150 “CRAZY”, Chasing Your Dreams and Persevere even when faced with Enormous Obstacles.

Our customers are at the Heart of our Unique business model, which includes Design, Manufacture, Distribution, and Sales. We Plan to make our Mark in the Fashion Industry by setting New Fashion Trends and Maintaining Originality.

We Dare You to Be Fifty150 “CRAZY” and Join the Winning Team!

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